Bio Quiz – 003 [With Answer & Explanation]

Bio Quiz – 003 [With Answer & Explanation]

Biology Quiz based on Previous AIPMT Paper

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1. The Energy required to drive photosynthetic electron transport is derived from sunlight is absorbed by
a) Mitochondria
b) Chlorophyll molecules
c) Water molecules
d) ATP

2. Ribosomes are formed in:
a) Golgi bodies
b) Plasma membrane
c) Nucleus
d) cytoplasm


3. Hydrolytic enzyme that is active at low pH are termed as
a) Proteases
b) Peroxidases
c) alpha enzymes
d) Hydrolases

4. As per geological times scale, hormids evolved during:
a) Miocene
b) Pliocene
c) Pleistocene
d) Oligocene

5. The four elements that make up 99% of all elements found in a living system are:
a) H, O, C and N
b) C, H, O, and S
c) C, H, O, and P
d) C, N, O, and P

Answers and Explanation:
1. – b) The sunlight is absorbed by chlorophyll pigment. In the excited state, chlorophyll expels its energy along with all electron and a positive charge comes on the chlorophyll molecules.

2. – c) Nucleolus is known as ribosomal factory because in eukaryotes the ribosomal RNA synthesized in the nucleolus or outside the nucleolus but ribosomal protein synthesized in the cytoplasm

3.- d) Hydrolytic enzyme secreted by lysosomes, active at low pH called hydrolases.

4.- b) Pliocene
Age of Reptile- Mesozoic era
Human appear in- Pleistocene
Ape-like ancestors of human appears in- Pliocene

5.- a) Hydrogen, Oxygen, Carbon, and Nitrogen

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