Chemistry Quiz for PMT Exams-1

Chemistry Quiz for PMT Exams-1

Subject wise MCQs: 

This Test is based on Previous PMT Exams. Helpful for upcoming NEET & Other PMT Exams.


Chemistry MCQ

1. Phenol is used as-

a. Antiseptic
b. Analgesic
c. Anesthesia
d. Insecticide

2. When Formaldehyde reacts with ammonia it gives?
a. Methylamine
b. Hexamethylene tetramine
c. Tetramethyline amine

d. Formaldehyde ammonia

3. Fehling solution reacts with the following
a. Ethyl alcohol
b. Acetone
c. Carboxylic acid

d. Glucose

4. During electrolysis the process taking place at the cathode is?
a. oxidation
b. reduction
c. neutralization
d. Polymerisation

5. Ore of iron is?
a. Bauxite
b. Dolomite
c. Haematite

d. Cinnabar

6. Oxidation state of iron is?
a. +2, +3
b. +1, +3
c. 0, +2

d. +3, +4

7. Which is not an ore of nickel?
a. Granierite
b. Haematite
c. Nickel Glauce
d. Pentalandite

8. Ethanol is dissolved in water due to?
a. Hydrogen bonding
b. the reaction that both are liquids
c. both contains -OH group
d. None

9. Plumboo solvency means?
a. dissolution of lead by water
b. dissolution of lead by dilute HCl
c. dissolution of lead by dilute CH2COOH

d. dissolution of lead by alkali

10. Which quantum number will be in fraction
a. Azimuthal quantum number
b. Spin quantum number
c. Principal quantum number

d. Magnetic quantum number

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