Daily Quiz

Daily Quiz

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Q.1. The exchange of gases between inhaled air and blood is referred as 

a. Cellular Respiration

b. External Respiration

c. Internal Respiration

d. Circulatory Respiration

Q.2. Which one is the cofactor of carbonic anhydrase? 

a. Cu

b. Zn

c. Fe

d. Mg

 Q.3. Which one of the followings is correct regarding larynx?

a. It prevents foreign objects from entering the trachea

b. It houses the vocal cords

c.  It is an organ made of cartilage and connects the pharynx to the trachea

d. All of these are correct

Q.4. Inner surface of the bronchi, bronchioles and fallopian tubes are lined by

a. Cuboidal epithelium

b. Columnar epithelium

c. Squamous epithelium

d. Ciliated epithelium

Q.5. Opening to the trachea is covered by a small flap of tissues termed as

a. Glottis

b. Trachea

c. Epiglottis

d. Larynx

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